The Wagner Donation

The Wagner Donation, a collection of the Typhlological Museum, contains teaching aids for mathematics and physics that were the result of a 30-year educational and scientific work of Eugen Wagner, a blind natural scientist, innovator, constructor and a teacher of physics and mathematics.

All of the aids authentically simulate natural occurrences in teaching physics, as well as the laws of mathematical logic in teaching mathematics, which are vital for a more complete understanding of taught material. Despite their date of origin, we cannot say that the aids are obsolete since they portray omnipresent laws of nature. All of the aids were devised according to Wagner’s designs in the Učila (Teaching Aid) factory in Zagreb, where he worked as a junior manager from 1952, and later on as a consultant to the project and development department.

Wagner took part in many inventors’ fairs at home and abroad, having received the highest awards at some of them.

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