Collection of photographs

The purpose of the collection of photographs is to collect, store, document, study, and allow an insight into photographs from everyday life of visually impaired people. In the modern world where information is extremely important, depending on one’s area of interest, the collection provides various visual information about visually impaired people, their life, education and activities. They are obtainable in digital form as well.

The oldest photograph in the collection dates back to the beginnings of the Institute for the Education of Blind Children in Zagreb i.e. to the end of the 19th century.

Regarding the themes covered, the collection includes education and rehabilitation of visually impaired people; professional rehabilitation and employment, activities in cultural and sports events, functioning of associations and institutions for the education of the blind - as well as photographs of different typhlological material used in work with the visually impaired people from the Republic of Croatia, former Yugoslavia and the whole world. A part of the collection comprises of photographs relating to the people who were significant for Croatian typhlology and were left in legacy or received as presents. Majority of photographs were inherited from "Socijalna misao" ("Social thought"), a journal published by the Typhlological Museum from 1954 to 1987.

The collection is being expanded every day by gathering photographs documenting contemporary lives and activities of visually impaired people.

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