Art collection

Besides paintings and a certain number of sculptures by academic sculptors, the majority of the Collection consists of art work made by self-educated blind sculptors.

By collecting the art works and exposing them at the permanent exhibition as well as at cyclic exhibitions Tactile Gallery, it is our desire to present to the museum audience the creative reaches of the blind in the art. By doing so, we are trying to eliminate the unfounded prejudice the sighted people have about the blind population and their artistic abilities. At the same time, we are hoping to encourage and inspire the blind visitors to have a try in this area.

Although the skill of handling the material and the manner of interpreting contents and shape which these blind authors draw from their memory, or which they have conceived by touch and impressed into their sculptures is impressive, and even outside that context their works have undeniable artistic value.. Therefore their work should be approached to and enjoyed in as work of art, not only a miraculous expression of skill.

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