Collection of objects

The collection of objects is the most comprehensive collection in the holdings of the Typhlological Museum. It includes objects from the field of education, rehabilitation, and everyday life of disabled persons, especially of the visually impaired. Part of the collection is made of books in Braille, teaching aids, writing aids including tablets for manual writing, machines and modern tools for writing in Braille as well as objects of everyday use.

The base of the today’s Collection of objects partly comprises of objects that Vinko Bek, the then teacher in a public school, started collecting in the late 19th century. The Collection is unique due to the fact that it stores material closely related to the beginnings of education of the disabled people and follows development of special education, its methods and its historical course in Croatia. It provides an insight into the variety of school subjects, of tools and aids used in the education of blind people. It also motivates the mentioned field and science to conduct new research and to preserve this part of Croatian legacy.

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