Collection of Archival Material

The basic task of the Collection of Archival Material is to systematically collect, protect and professionally process the material of different content regarding the history of care for the partially sighted and blind people as well as their education and training.

The first written documents that are stored in the Collection of Archival Material date back to the 19th century and provide an insight into the beginnings of care for blind people and an overview of development of institutional care of the mentioned field. The most interesting part of the collection is the one regarding life and work of the first Croatian typhlo-pedagogue Vinko Bek whose work marked the very beginnings of institutional care for the blind and the partly sighted.

The Collection of Archival Material includes numerous documents about the activities of the first Institute for the Education of Blind Children in Zagreb and about the children’s everyday life within the Institute. Important parts of documentation are texts about the founding and the activities of the St. Vid Society. The Collection also contains documents regarding the education and training of blind people written by prominent individuals. Besides documents, the Collection is in possession of numerous letters, postcards, printed material and other types of sources.

The future objective of the Collection is to collect, protect, process and expose the material regarding all disabled people, as declared by the Mission Statement of the Typhlological Museum.

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